“Ordinary Parent.”


Katherine Humphrey’s is a mother of two, a three-month-old son and Shelby her 4-year-old daughter. After placing both in their bedrooms for afternoon naps, she settled in at her kitchen table to sip on a cup of herbal tea.

She suddenly overheard Shelby coaxing “Wilbur” their 6-year-old most docile cat to take a baby bottle. Wilbur has been Shelby’s constant companion and generally sleeps in her room.

Katherine walked towards Shelby’s room to see her cuddling Wilbur who was sucking milk from a babies bottle and realized the baby bottle was one of the bottles she uses to feed her infant son.

Before Katherine’s shock could subside, suddenly Shelby ripped the bottle from Wilbur’s mouth and began pointing at the cat, telling Wilbur, “you cannot bite the nipple.” Wilbur sat quietly staring at Shelby’s when she places the cat on the floor and puts the baby bottle on the table next to her bed and goes to sleep.

Katherine is stunned, yet, smiling and giggling a little when she takes the baby bottle telling Shelby she cannot feed Wilbur anything from the babies bottles, he is too old.

Shelby, hearing her mother, turns to tell her, “but, Wilbur likes breast milk mommy.”

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