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Control is a powerful word, meaning authority to guide or manage something or someone. But for me, the word instantaneously brings to mind 1987, Janet Jackson’s mega-hit with the signature song “Control.”


Thirty years ago the song and its accompanying video were the anthems for many teenage girls wanting to spread their wings and divorcing women who sought independence from a marriage they felt no control.


Control or the belief there of, comes in many forms such as parental control, control teenagers believe they can manage, and control couples believe they have over one another.


However, there is the loss of control in the presence a newborn baby, toddler, puppy, or kitten.

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  1. Oooh this resonates with my post “Control of Life”published last week😀 please read..

    1. Hey thanks Shiva, will do. 🙂

  2. Today control can be very subtle. Because it may be construed as negative. But would modern day social influencing border on control too?

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