“Bitterly exposed, where is Edgar?”


Mother, I’m so upset and angry with Wilbur, this is the third time this month he has been naughty.

What did he do?

Well, when I returned home from work this evening I walked into the kitchen to see the trashcan on its side with this morning orange and grapefruit peels on the floor. I was bitterly upset with Wilbur’s actions that have exposed a continuing problem I thought we conquered. I have verbally disciplined him every time in the past, but this evening I will put him his kennel for an hour.

Well, you know honey, this problem began when you introduced Edgar into your home a month ago.

Oh, my Goodness! I have not seen Edgar since I have been home, and his kitty food dish is still filled from this morning!

I have to go, mother, I have to find Edgar.

Edgar! Edgar! Edgar, where are you, baby!


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