Over the centuries the village of Paliseul Belgium survived the horrors of the thirty-year war, several bouts with the ravages of the plague, and cholera.

By the early 1800’s the village population of men dwindled from 67 to 8, and five of whom were in their late 40’s.
Out of necessity, the eight village elders banded together with an idea to arranged marriages for their sons and daughters for the survival of their community.

It was the summer of 1926 when Sophia Subriana’s father forbid and prevented his daughter from the man she chose. His words detonated her heart, causing her to grieve with tears mourning, her sorrow, and despair for a man she loves but cannot marry.

As she laid on her bed crying she thought of her plan to leave home awaiting for night to fall, and begin her journey for love.

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