“Patches covering magical molds of clay.”

To-be-able-to-live-each-day-with-honor-respect-and-dignity-is-the-greatest-achievement-of-all.-Roopleen (1)

You are a magical mold of clay, forever developing to become what you want to be.

Overcoming your fears allowing dreams to discover what is over the next hill or around the corner expanding the imagination of many thoughts and ideas shaping your magical clay mold.

Reflecting upon your past, who you are, where you are going, molds your magical mold of clay for a better future.

Mold’s witnessing and experiencing hate, evil, envy, jealousy, and revenge develop holes filled with unfulfillment and discontent.

But every mold’s foundation is filled with love, respect, and the patches to seal a lifetime of holes.

Patching holes begins with glass patches covering self-doubt, followed by silver patches building self-respectful with gold patches of determination, opening the mind to forgiveness building confidence around the mold with intricate designs of wisdom.


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