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After viewing and capturing photos of the natural beauty in Yellowstone National Park, I found the Flagg Ranch Campgrounds located along the John D Rockafeller Parkway in between Yellowstone National Park and five miles north of the Grand Teton National Park entrance.

The campgrounds $40.00 fee was the steepest cost I had ever encountered for a tent site, so I found the nearby disperse (free) campsite with vault toilets trash and recycle receptacles along with bear boxes for your foods. The photos below show my campsite.

The photos above are of my disperse camping location which was an idyllic stress-free assault upon all human senses. The photos above were taken in the evening and I was enamored the following morning with the fresh, crisp air before the morning sunrise, birds chirping, and the smell of pine trees filling my nose.

I search for a deer, elk, moose, or even a black or brown bear, seeking a morning drink at the waters across from my camp site to add to my picturesque feeling of peacefulness.

Surrounding our planet are man-made sky scrapers reaching towards the heavens to touch the clouds and beyond. The architects of humanity have designed and constructed incredible buildings around the world with elaborate, ornate designs with intricate and detailed sculptures capturing a human’s visual eye.

However, the natural beauty of the Grand Teton Mountain Range can never be measured to anything designed or constructed by humanity.

Lying on the ground gazing up from the floor of the forest into the sky ignites my senses while calming my soul. (M.J. Leake)

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