9 Reasons Why Intelligent People Have Fewer Friends

I love this blog posting. 🙂
It is a powerful statement to humans who utilize intelligence, and common sense never worrying about the socialization of what others think, demand or want an individual to fit into what society or a culture expects. 🙂


Intelligent people have fewer friends. The more real you are the fewer friends you have. Here’s why:

1. You’re liberated in your own speech, thoughts, and actions, which can be contrary to those of your “friends.” You have a strong mindset and values. Your mind isn’t limited and you always have something to say. You think differently to others but you’re not bothered by their opinions on it.

2. You don’t have time for forced fake catch-ups or pointless conversations, trying to keep up with what everyone is up to. So, you mostly spend time alone. You don’t care about the latest trends or latest music. You have no interest in materialistic things. You also don’t have FOMO (fear of missing out), so you’re quite content doing your own thing. Your world seems to flourish more on your own.

3. You can see beyond people’s “trying hard” persona so you…

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