The word educate is applied to every travel destination I encounter. There is something to learn no matter how many times I have visited any location.

In the US just about every community has some form of fall celebration, and many are called October festival to raise monies for charities local communities, but more directly it is a time to drink apple cider or beer.

But, should an October Festival be held outside of the 10th-month of October?

Currently, the Snowbird Utah ski area is holding their 45th annual Octoberfest celebration that spans Aug 12, through October 15.

I checked the calendar on my lap top, and it read September 4, 2017, and not October.

So, why celebrate October-festivals one & two months prior?

The word “educate” is the foundation for humanities evolution, but rarely applied on a daily basis in everyday life.
(M. J. Leake)

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