Hiking the trails within the National Parks, National Forest, and National Conservation Areas can produce a feeling of irrelevancy for whatever is going on in the world.

Standing motionless staring at enormous Ponderosa, Jeffery and Sugar Pine trees with Douglas, White, and Red Fir trees in the distance, within a forest of green blocking the sky from view.

The silence is golden yet broken, with unseen birds chirping in the trees above and my footsteps echoing the crunching of pine needles and leaves.

Nemophilist – One who is fond of forests or forest scenery; a haunter of the woods.

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By Expedition Nomadic Adventurer

As a retiree travel blogger touring the US, voicing my wisdom, opinion, and thoughts about the retirement lifestyle and life in general. I'm an aspiring pre-published indie author of baby boomer romance and adventures with a whimsical comedic side. I photograph wildlife and landscapes, mountain, biking, kayaking, hiking, and backpacking. I travel the back roads and highways of America, Canada, and Mexico, documenting my adventures via print and photography.

6 thoughts on “Leaf, needles, and a forest.””
  1. Absolutely breathtaking with words bringing it to life. Nature has such a way of drawing us in. Love this. Tetons? Yes?

    1. Hey, thanks, Wind Kisses.

      1. Always inspired.

  2. When we lived in Europe, a lot of folks (then anyway) loved the forests and hiking too. And it is easy to see why. The beauty, tranquility, they all brings peace to our souls. Every day in the city we are bombarded with sounds, chatter…

  3. I can see your infinity and respect for nature. Beautiful images define such wonderful forest views

    1. As a hike and backpacker I find so much beauty that touches my soul and I try to express my feeling through my writings and poetry. 🙂

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