“Humanities pampered planet?”


What would our planet look like if the extinct land animals were to return? Would we make room for them to live in the wild?


Would we stop clear-cutting the land allowing extinct animals to live in the wild?


What would our planet look like if the extinct aquatic mammals and animals were to reappear in the oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams around the world?


Would we clean the plastics from the oceans of the world?

What would our planet look like if the skies around the world were free from pollution, smog, and haze?


Would we ride a bike, share a ride, take public transportation to have clear and clean air.

Humanity, that’s you, and I. We are needed to ensure our future generations experience a pampered planet.

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  1. The last picture is telling. For a small number of folks, 60 cars would not only take up space but also produce greenhouse gases. But in large countries like the US, how else can people living in the vast subrubia get to work?

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    1. It will be a concerted effort of redesign and change utilizing, increase in rail and bus public transportation, work from home, homeschooling to remove the hundreds of cars and school buses from the roadway for all to achieve and reverse the effects of suburbia’s design based on cars.

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