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Grandparents & Parents Revelations: A love story

  Kevin and Katelynn Crawford age 38 and 39 are a couple with seven children. They have twin four year- olds, a 6, 8, 10, 12, & a 13-year-old teenager. They are a very active family with all of their children participating in some form of after-school athletic activities. The couple amazes their family, friends,…



Kevin and Katelynn Crawford age 38 and 39 are a couple with seven children. They have twin four year- olds, a 6, 8, 10, 12, & a 13-year-old teenager. They are a very active family with all of their children participating in some form of after-school athletic activities.

The couple amazes their family, friends, and neighbors as they float through a work week, with ease and comfort managing their work schedules, with the various children’s activities and their volunteerism in their community.

One of their best-kept secrets to their success is they have no televisions in their home, and the children are homeschooled.

Their children use computer tablets and laptops to complete their schoolwork assignments and to read books, but none of the children have access to any social media and their access to the internet is severely restricted. Their friends and neighbors express how the children are polite and well behaved.

The children help Katelynn with preparing breakfast every morning and help their father preparing their dinner meals every evening. All of the children have chores around the house including the 6 & 8-year-old who are coached and assisted by the 12- & 13 year-olds.

By Saturday afternoon, the family is usually finished with extracurricular activities when they settle down for dinner and afterward play board games.

But this Saturday, Katelynn’s mother and father arrived to care for their grandchildren allowing the couple to enjoy a monthly date night.

After kissing the kids goodbye and final instructions for the grandparents, the two leave promptly at 5:00 pm, enthusiastically walking out the door holding hands to begin their evening together.

They walk briskly to the car in the driveway when Kevin, always the gentleman escorts Katelyn to the passenger car door opening and closing her door. When he enters the car, they notice the kids at the window waving goodbye, and they return in kind with waves and kisses.

Kevin backs out driveway and drives towards the nearby Cherokee Mountains of North Carolina for a scenic drive to view the fall colors before the sunsets. They travel in their twenty-year-old car snuggled up to one another on the bench seats while marveling at the beauty of the leaves displaying apple red, plum, and yellow squash colors.


They stop at a scenic overlook to marvel at the beauty of the valley below, hugging one another tightly and kissing as the sun sets. The temperature drops quickly and they return to the car snuggling again against one another.

Kevin drives to Katelynn’s parents home, where Kevin continues to reveals his gentlemanly manners and respect for Katelynn when after placing the car in park, he quickly exits to open the door for Katelynn and holding hands they walk towards the front door and enter the home.

Upon entering, the smells of a freshly baked apple pie fills their noses, and they smile at one another. Kevin takes Katelynn’s coat and his placing them both on the hallway coat hook and escorts her into the dining room.

The dining room table is set with white linen tablecloth and napkins with two dessert saucers, silver eating utensils, and a nine-inch apple pie cooked by Katelynn’s mother with two white candles and matches.

An envelope with their names on the front in cursive writing lay on the table next to the apple pie.

Kevin takes the envelope and reads aloud the note inside.

Dear, Kevin, and Katelynn

You two have revealed a dedication to parenting by raising incredibly intelligent grandkids. We are honored to provide our home as a sanctuary for your date night. There is pecan & Vanilla bean ice-cream both of your favorites in the freezer for the apple pie Katelyn’s mother made today.

Your love for one another is matched only by our 57 years years of marriage. It is our duty and an honor to watch our grandchildren when you two enjoy your date nights in our home since you believed we did not know you two were were making-out or having sex in our home 13-years ago.

Love Grandpa and Grandma.

Kevin and Katelyn together chuckled after reading the note, and they embraced one another and kissed passionately. They both ate half the pie with the pecan and vanilla bean ice cream sharing their slices, and upon putting the dishes away, they settled on the couch in the family room where on the coffee table they found another note sitting on top of a DVD movie titled, “The Note Book.”

Kevin and Katelynn,

We discovered this movie a year ago, and since you do not have television or a DVD player in your home, we believe you will enjoy this beautiful love story.

PS: I must confess, I cried throughout the movie, Grandpa

Love Grandma and Grandpa

They watched the movie, and when it finished they wiped tears from one another’s’ eyes as their passions exploded, and soon found themselves in Katelyn’s childhood bedroom exploring one another when Kevin noticed a yellow 8’x10″ envelope with his name printed on the outside, on the nightstand next to the bed.

Kevin reaches for the envelope and finds it filled with something inside. He opens it to discover several dozen condoms along with another note. Kevin reads the note aloud.

Dear Kevin

As you have discovered the dozen or so condoms, they are a reminder of Katelyn’s nine brothers and sisters and the proclivity to make love in Katelynn’s bed.

PS: Not that we don’t mind more grandchildren. 🙂

Love Grandpa and Grandma

Kevin looks at Katelyn, and they hug one tightly.

After a few moments, Katelynn gets up from the bed to takes the envelope to put in her purse downstairs and returns to the bedroom and they embrace one another when she tells Kevin.

Katelynn: “You know in two weeks our date night will be at your parent’s home, and we can use the condom then. I love you, Kevin.

Kevin: “I love you, Katelynn.”

And they returned home to resume their duties as parents.


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  1. Teri

    I don’t know where you come up with this stuff. Your brain is a miraculous thing! 😘😘😘

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  2. flikmum

    I love your style of writing.

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  6. thepainite

    I dint forced myself to read this… it swayed my eyes to read
    And really humorous😅 i just loved the way u conveyed the thing😇
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    1. Travel blogger / Nomadic Adventurer

      Thank you so much. I will enter this short story in a short story writing competition. Again thank you so much “thepainite.”

  7. thepainite

    All the best luck 🤟🏻

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