My thirty plus years of travel destinations are filled with photos and encountering people who are the inspirations for some of my creative writings ideas.

In the beginning, I traveled via motorcycle across the US from coast to coast and border to border culminating with an inspiring road trip from Key West Florida to Fairbanks Alaska which planted the seed for me to consider traveling forever.

My personal traveler encounters are retirees, grandparents, empty nesters, nomadic travelers, adventurers, explorers, and minimalist who want to view and tour every aspect of our planet.

Over the past 12-months I have discovered tribes of travelers moving about our planet who refuse to sit idly in established communities hoping to one day tour and visit what they can drive or fly to and see in person.

Everyone who begins their travel journey is unsure with fears of the unknown, but upon viewing Mother Nature’s landscaped canvasses, everyone quickly appreciates their decision with many never looking back or returning home.

I have been asked what is it like to travel? I described my experiences are similar to when I was in elementary school and the bell ranged for recess. Except now, no one rings a bell for me to return.


Because of climate change, many travelers want to see Glacier National Park, Iceland or the Canadian Rockies before the glaciers melt entirely away within our lifetime.


Yet, with so much to view within the US between its borders, the east and west coasts, while traveling the back roads between towns providing an excellent opportunity to quench your wanderlust for years to come.


As the year comes to a close hopefully you are reading this blog post warm and cozy in your home reflecting and confessing your disappointments, and achievements, of 2017. It may be time to make a plan to visit and tour a National Park to see, smell and feel in person Mother Natures beautiful landscapes and I may see you capturing photos like those above.

Life is about the discovery of oneself, and the planet we live upon to become a better person while helping others.

Courage is leaving the comforts of home and community to explore and discover people and places while building knowledge and expanding the mind to the possibilities of life in our world.

Pass on your wisdom; someone will appreciate your knowledge

M. J. Leake

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By Expedition Nomadic Adventurer

As a retiree travel blogger touring the US, voicing my wisdom, opinion, and thoughts about the retirement lifestyle and life in general. I'm an aspiring pre-published indie author of baby boomer romance and adventures with a whimsical comedic side. I photograph wildlife and landscapes, mountain, biking, kayaking, hiking, and backpacking. I travel the back roads and highways of America, Canada, and Mexico, documenting my adventures via print and photography.

7 thoughts on ““Cozy Confessions.””
  1. Well said Marty and beautifully illustrated! Hope to meet you ‘on the road’ someday.

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  3. You are so right. To experience the wonderful landscapes of another country, that you had only seen in books is breathtaking. I have recently been to Norway, a place of natural beauty. I had soken about going gir years, but only now done. Life is too short to just talk about it! Do it!

    1. That is so! True. ” Just Do It!” 🙂

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  5. Wow, absolutely spectacular pictures! We feel the rush too in seeing place like Iceland, and Antarctica would be a dream.

    1. Hey thanks, 🙂

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