“Treated reservations.”


If you are lucky, your life will treat you to various forms and types of reservations.

I have had room and dinner reservations and I have toured nature reserves and visited several 1st Nations Lands for what some people call Reservations also known as the “The Rez.”
But my daily reservation is the moment of silence keeping me stable and happy.

I initially had serious reservations about spending quiet time with my self only to discover the beneficial, peaceful, meditative calmness for my health and life.


I discovered the sound of silence while on a motorcycle trip in the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. But, it was years later when visiting the Grand Canyon where I learned to appreciate the sound of silence, and now make daily reservations.

Have you reserved your sound of silence for today?


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  1. In our little red dot, it’s almost never a silent moment. Being a bustling city the sounds of automobiles, people etc… Moments of silence are to be cherished and we know the preciousness of that

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