As the college semester comes to an end, the mood of the students on the entire campus becomes stressfully solemn. Every nook and cranny is occupied as students seek silent locations for studying to assure themselves a grade worthy of not repeating the class.

The University recommends study groups, flowcharts, diagrams, practicing old exams, recording themselves explaining their answers to playback and hear their thoughtful responses. We also recommend creating mental associations, and we provide a listing of applications to block distracting sites on their electronic devices.

The university provides weekly study classes teaching students to organize their study space, their thoughts, to schedule regular breaks, along with what healthy foods to consume to remain alert and prepared for the tests.


The University is aware of students using various forms of legal and illegal products and medications to ensure their sustained focus while studying for a passing grade.


But the University does not condone the use of any substance legal, illegal, prescribed or over the counter to assist in their increased focus for studying in the preparation for a test.

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