Luv you Dx

True love posting from a fellow blogger.


You would think that after being together for 30yrs and married for 25 of them i would be used to my hubby working away but I never do! When he says “hi D I’m going to be working away for a few days” my ❤ sinks, boo hoo! when I say this to some people they just say “make the most of it & enjoy your own time”I know it sounds cheesey but I don’t want to,I just always love having him around (so I can order him around he he).

But honestly he is my best friend,I can tell him anything and he is always ☺ to listen,even though it’s usually a load of rubbish i know I can count on him being there with sometimes fab advice.

He is sooo funny,he has the personality of Chandler from TV series friends and he thinks he looks like the 80’s…

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