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“Wedding anniversaries and a birthday: part #3” (Final)


The twins and Johnathan are in the rear seat of the car with their father at the wheel, as they travel along their driveway from their home to the main road. Johnathan is pitifully staring out the window wondering where they are going when his mother turns around in her front passenger seat to tell Johnathan about this particular task.

You will babysit the twins at the Kaslowski’s home while their eldest son and his date will remain at the house while you and Samantha watch television with the twins in the room.

Oh, by the way, the next time you make arrangements to meet The Kaslowski’s daughter Samantha you better ask me first and then her parents.

As their car turns into the Kaslowski’s driveway and stops in front of the house, the twins hurriedly out of the car when their father turns’ in his seat towards Johnathan and his serious stean voice.

The next time you coax the twins to do something wrong, like dig a hole to China, you will be sleeping in the barn for a long while young man and tomorrow after church you will be filling in all that holes the twins dug.

Johnathan quickly responds, “Yes, sir, I’m sorry for what I did. I love you, mom and dad.”

Both parents respond, we love you also but don’t you ever again coax the twins into doing anything wrong, you are the oldest and their protector.

His father tells Johnathan if you have the sweets for Samantha, when you enter her home, you greet Mr. Kaslowski’s with a firm handshake and state your intentions with Samantha are honorable.

Yes, sir and Johnathan exit the car walking towards the house.

Thirty-five years ago today I enjoyed my first date with Samantha Kaslowski, and six years later we married on the anniversary of our first date.

Today is significantly cherished event as our firstborn child Christopher was born two years later on our wedding anniversary.

Coincidentally, today marks the 52 & 47th wedding anniversaries for both mine and Samanthas parents.

So, this Saturday evening, as we have gathered family and friends to celebrate the union of our eldest son Christopher who is marrying my daughter-in-law, Felicia, Wellington-Wheeler.

For Christopher and Felicia, I pray and wish for the two to share eternal love, for one another filled with happiness, for the rest of their lives, knowing their wedding anniversary is shared with their parents and grandparents. 🙂

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