Travel Fears? “Carpe-Diem”

Within the imaginations of everyone who’s creative ideas and thoughts are inspired or influenced by anything seen on television, read in a book or magazine, can become a reality.


I was influenced by television shows like Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, hosted by Marlin Perkins, National Geographic magazines and the used encyclopedias my mother bought. I remember the days of quickly skimming through the encyclopedias and magazines looking at the pictures especially the National Geographics.

The destinations around the world I viewed intrigued, influenced, and inspired my ideas of travel based merely on my curiosity to explore and see the locations in person.

My family, friends and blog post subscribers view my photographs, read about my travel destinations, short stories along with the haikus I post are influenced and hopefully inspired. Yet, many live vicariously through what I reveal from my travels.


What I believe and know, is within everyone is the “courage” to do anything and I mean anything imagined, desired created within their mind of free thinking. But, it is fear, rooted deeply in the human spirit, and their soul denying them of the opportunity to travel.

If you dream freely of your desires but, fearful of the journey. I suggest and recommend looking at a mirror and search within your heart and soul to seize the day to make your travel dreams a reality.

Dream of your courageous journey, to influence your reality.


Carpe diem,
A phrase that comes from the Roman poet Horace means literally “Pluck the day,” though it’s usually translated as “Seize the day.” A free translation might be “Enjoy yourself while you have the chance.” For some people, Carpe diem serves as the closest thing to a philosophy of life as they’ll ever have

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  1. I really appreciate your honesty. I battle travel anxiety, specifically flying. I have been working hard to overcome it and articles like this one help. If you get a moment, I would love for you to check out my page for more on conquering anxiety. 🙂

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  2. “Dream of your courageous journey, to influence your reality.” ~ Love this. This has been an inspiring post, thank you! My dream travel is to see the Northern Lights. I’ll try harder believing it can happen, and striving for it to become a reality! 🙂

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