“Valentines Day of love”

Find three hobbies you love- one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative. (1)

Well, it has come around again the commercially celebrated Valentines Day of love. It is the erotic, exotic, enticing, inspirational day for the expression and confession of love for one or more particular persons or ourselves.


I write this blog post watching the sunrise from Smathers Beach in Key West Florida on this yearly holiday of love for which many will reveal their emotions in the form of cards, flowers, candies and romantic dinners.


I satisfy my first love named writing with a beautiful sunrise easing above the horizon with warm tropical breezes caressing my skin to start my day.



However, the love I have for reading will beckon my attention overruling writing, and I will satisfy her needs with hours of attention, and finally, my love and concubine of hobbies will call, wanting her considerable time to be satisfied with whatever she desires. Lately, she has demanded photography, so she will possibly end my day with a sunset photo.


No matter what or who your passionate desires are for on this day of love, take the time and effort to say “Happy Valentines Day.” 🙂

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