“Travel guts: A special mode of travel.”


For over forty years I have traveled around the US for which my family and friends were astonished by the journey and marveled at the destinations completed on a motorcycle. My mother, forbid me to tell her when, or where I was going but demanded I call her immediately upon my returned home.

Adventure travelers use various modes of transportation for their journey. But, one method of travel I hold in reverence is the person who travels by bicycle over great distances. In my opinion, they are truly the “badasses of travel.”


This is Claire and Gideon who I encountered in Big Pine Key FL. They are from England, and their current American journey began in Los Angelos California and will end in Miami Fl. They began their journey February 2016 from England cycling around the world

Claire is a retired elementary school teacher who taught English and Gideon is a retired engineer. I have posted the link to their website 2silvercyclistdotnet so you can read about their incredible travel journey. https://2silvercyclists.net/


Ever since I began traveling, I would pass bicyclist along the highways and secondary roadways in America and Canada. I would shake my head in amazement and wonder how my mother would have dealt with me if I traveled by bicycle?

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