I want to start the first day of March 2018 with a cheerful hello to all of the followers of this site.
For the next 30-days or so I’m developing a short story novel which I’m continually re-writing to my satisfaction and a submitting to a professional editor for critique. For the past year or more I have been the beneficiary of unique serendipity, that has encouraged me to self-publish. 🙂

You all have read my fictional creative short stories, conjured in my mind sprinkled with my life’s experiences and yes, you all have been beta readers of an aspiring writer. 🙂
Other future changes will include hiking and backpacking videos as I traverse the backcountry trails in various State and National Parks across the US.

But for now, I will meander back into the Florida Keys with Key West being my final destination to surround my self with the aurora of Hemingway with the creative members of The Studios of Key West and my primary influencer, painter Pam Hobbs.

So, be prepared for many more creative short stories, hiking, backpacking videos and photos of the trails as the year progresses.


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By Expedition Nomadic Adventurer

As a retiree travel blogger touring the US, voicing my wisdom, opinion, and thoughts about the retirement lifestyle and life in general. I'm an aspiring pre-published indie author of baby boomer romance and adventures with a whimsical comedic side. I photograph wildlife and landscapes, mountain, biking, kayaking, hiking, and backpacking. I travel the back roads and highways of America, Canada, and Mexico, documenting my adventures via print and photography.

4 thoughts on ““Self-publishing courage.””
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  2. You will do awesome! Keep ’em coming!

  3. Hey Marty – I you the best in all of your creative endeavors and adventures in the natural world!

  4. Great news! Way to stay focused …and have fun!

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