“Suddenly there is no sound.”


Suddenly there is no sound of the trail, but I feel and hear my heart pounding after my climb to summit the small peak of 2500 feet.
My breathing slows matching the calmness surrounding me, and I pause to absorb the silence.

I have replaced my forty hour work week noises of voices, car horns honking, rolling tire along the asphalt streets with the un-nerving sounds of nature’s silence.


I enjoy those first moments of peace as my body and mind adjust to the sounds of silence after I accomplish the two-hour hike and climb for this moment.

My mouth desires water and my stomach aches for food, but I refuse to move, letting go at this moment for my soul has ached and desired.


With my eyes closed my moments of uncompromising peaceful silence is disturbed with the screech of a red tail hawk gliding high above.

I stare at the hawks gliding flight wondering and imagining his screeches welcoming and acknowledging my moments of peace.


In the valley below a Doe with two Fawns stare in my direction, assessing my threat, but they continue grazing, as the peace I’m emitting is easily recognizable.

After twenty minutes of meditation and reflection, I eat my meal and rehydrate for my return to the valley rejuvenated for another week of stressful noise and the world away from the sounds of mother nature’s silence.

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