“The wisdom of patience.”


I can remember as far back as a kindergartener, hearing my mother, father, siblings, friends, and teachers, telling me, or writing in the margins of a report card, “Slow Down.”
On many occasions throughout my life, I was told I need to develop and hopefully discover some patience.
“Slow down,” is the repetitive word I knew more than anything throughout my life.


After I retired, I discovered calendars I used detailing my daily life activities for work, family, community and the various other extracurricular activities I had scheduled.

There on my kitchen table were fifteen – twenty years of my life scheduled into the calendars where I inked detailed information. Yet, as I stared at the days weeks and months. The only memories I could somewhat recall were birthdays and some holidays.


I do remember older wiser family members and friends regularly preaching and advising me to slow down and not rush through my life. Looking over the calendars of my life, I realized and understood I honestly never savored the memories to enjoy my life.

There are poignant moments in life when self-reflection provokes that wrinkle in your forehead revealing the incubated wisdom within yourself.


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  1. I remember being told the same things, and like you I am now retired, thank got I did slow down. Now I’m telling others.

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      1. Speeding is the right word as time passes to fast. Even though I live in the slow lane.


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