Casandra entered the room, and I could not make eye contact,

She walks past my table, and I look down at my paper,

I sensed a connection, but I’m too shy to speak.

Brian will not notice me when I walk into the classroom.

He will not acknowledge me with eye contact.

I walk past him, and I sense a connection.

Twenty-seven years later inside a Winn-Dixie grocery store in the produce aisle, we came face to face, and we froze speechless with shy embarrassment. We stared at one another with smiles then simultaneously and quietly we said hello.

Brian; I feel ashamed I never look up from my paper to say hello.

Casandra; I feel ashamed I never said hello.

Two hours later after a melted tub of Rocky Road ice cream, we went our separate ways to our families, better understanding our shy and blushed college experiences to make us blush as adults.

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