“I’d Rather Be.”


The weekly photo challenge asks the question where would you rather be. The following photos reveal where I would rather be as photography allows for the repeated return to moments when the original photo was taken, over and over and over forever.


Within the past two years, I have traveled to many different locations around the US as seen in these photos and each place holds a significant love within my heart and a place I  definitely will return to visit in photos are in person.


After some hikes in the deserts of the western United States, I’m passionately falling in love with the astonishing sunset and sunrise skies producing incredibly visual landscape.


If given a choice, which photo would you want to visit, right now?


Weekly photo challenge


  1. It’s hard to select only one from the images you’ve shared, but, since I love trees, I think I’d like to visit the cluster trees with the walkway cutting through.

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