“Churn or grind.”

The daily WordPress word prompt inspires thoughtful, creative writing ideas based on the WordPress user’s past experiences with the word which can hold various meanings and definitions. The word churn, cause me to think of the word grind.

Let me explain, the word “churn” based on my history holds significant connotations, when my high school football coach used the word “churn,” as a reference to players moving their feet when we practiced and during the actual game.

The phrase “churning your feet through the man in front of you until you reach the quarterback or the man with the ball! ” was commonly yelled from the sidelines.

It is funny though, the first time I heard the coach yell, “churn your feet,” I remember thinking about how my grandmother churn ice cream in a wooden bucket with a hand crank.


Over the past year, my son has used the word “grind,” on several occasions indicating how he will do everything in his power to reach his goals. The first time he used the word “grind,” I thought of my electric and hand-cranked coffee grinders and the taste of a freshly ground cup of Italian or Frech roasted coffee.


Ok, now its time for that freshly ground cup of Italian coffee, and I will look for some hand-churned ice cream. 🙂

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