”What Happens When You Immerse Yourself in the Sound of Silence”

Great blog post to calm the soul. 🙂


14933_475905849134682_862353150_n”By simply looking into the sky, which is vast and totally empty, serenity arises.The blue sky beyond the clouds is not an object; it is infinite and pure emptiness.”

I’ve heard the sound of silence loud and clear. It arises in the sounds of my house early in the morning before anyone awakens. I hear the hum of the central air conditioner or heating unit, I hear our dog move, I hear a bird outside chirping, I hear the pen move across my paper. As I listen to the sounds of the early morning, they occur and fade away, occur and fade away, again and again. A slight humming is heard in the distance, a ringing from inside my head, a sound coming from my own ‘inner ear’, the internal sound of silence.  I didn’t seek this sound of silence, it just arose in the quiet discovery of an early…

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