“Astonished tantrum.”


I have witnessed unbelievable angry tantrums by toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults.

But, during an incredibly beautiful wedding, I watched as a 5’4″, 180-pound, grey-haired woman, with red lipstick, crimson rouge applied to her cheeks appearing to be in her late eighties was slowly escorted into the church on the arm of who I later learned was her grandson.
She used a cane painted blue and silver to match her long sleeve navy blue satin dress that stopped just below her knees. The dress had embroidered white pearl stitching around her neck in a swirled patterned around her waist. She wore two-inch, black patent leather pumps with white teardrop pearls in a similar design as her dress.

She accented her outfit with a vibrant white pearl necklace, earrings, and bracelets, she wore on both wrists with a two-inch pearl, broach pinned above her left breast.
But, it was her nylons that caused many double takes with a black seam on the back of her legs reminded me of a Hollywood movie star walking the red carpet at a film premiere.
The grandson assisted her into an end seat next to the aisle on the first-row church pew, and she sat regally with her head held high.

The Catholic church was elaborately decorated with pink and white bows adorning each end of the dark brown church pews, with the vibrantly red carpet traveling the length of the church from the vestibule to the priest and the happy couple.

The astonishing spectacle was abruptly triggered when the priest asked, “should there be anyone who has cause why this couple should not be united in marriage?”
A silent hush carried over the families and guests as a few people silently looked around grinning.
The defining silence was broken with a profoundly guttural haggard clearing of the throat from the older woman in the blue dress.
She covered her mouth to cough with her right hand when all eyes turn to her, when she raised her left arm, as her index finger unfurled to point at the grandmother of the bride seated across from her in the first pew.

What happened next caused the priest’s mouth to remain open, during a verbally horrendous tirade and just a little funny when it was over. The words used caused parents to cover the ears of their children, while some people giggled with faint laughter.

The woman in the blue dress yelled loudly, with a clear and direct tone in her voice, “You stole my husband!
You scarlet woman, vamp, swinger, trollop, slut, tart, whore, tramp, sexpot, jezebel, floozy, and in an angry voice. “You fallen woman, Stewart said you were a nymphomaniac.”
The grandson, seated to her right, asked aloud. Grammy are you talking about grandpa, and I thought your Alzheimer’s took your memory, and you could not recall anything.

Family members seated along the same church pew began covering their faces in embarrassment while the bride and groom stare at both women.

The grandmother, used her cane to shakily rises to stand up as she continued to stare at the woman. Then suddenly she turns to her grandson and tells him and the rest of her family members.

I may have forgotten or cannot remember a lot, but that bitches face I will never forget, and the hatred I have held within me for fifty plus years.

She began walking and escorted out of the church.

Some memories, and passions buried deep within a soul resurfaced by a song, a sound, a smell, touch or the sight of your enemy.

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