My travel aura was projecting as I sat reading about my next destination inside my vehicle at an eastbound I-10 rest-stop in East Texas.
Actually, it was my Florida tags Jess Duran observed who greeted me with a hearty “good morning and our conversation continued for the next hour or more about our travels past and future.


Jess is a lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan and is touring baseball stadiums in Texas, Georgia, and Florida to watch a game in each. Florida is where he has family and seeing my Florida tag captured his interest.
Over the past couple of year, Jess has visited and seen a baseball game in all of the stadiums east of the Rockies, and several in the Northeast.

Over the next couple of years, his baseball destination travels will have him viewing games in, Pennsylvania Washington DC, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Kansas to complete his tour of Baseball stadiums.

Oh, my current solo travel destination is born of my taste for Crayfish, better known as crawfish or mudbugs and many other names to people along the US Gulf Coast.

If you have not already Googled Crayfish or Crawfish, many of you are asking, what is it?
Well, Crayfish are also known as crawfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters, and mudbugs, and crustaceans, resembling a small lobster.
In North America, the most significant diversity of crayfish species can be found in the southeast with over 330 species.
A further genus of the crayfish can be found in the Pacific Northwest and the headwaters of some rivers east of the Continental Divide.
Many crayfish are found in lowland areas where the water is abundant in calcium, and oxygen rises from underground springs.
In 1983, Louisiana designated the crayfish, or crawfish as they are commonly referred to, as their official state crustacean. Louisiana produces 100 million pounds of crawfish per year with the red swamp and white river crawfish being the two most popular species to harvest. Crawfish are a unique part of Cajun culture dating back hundreds of years.


So, by the end of the day, my travel destination ended with a visit to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen in San Antonio TX for my feast to quell my taste for some crawfish. 🙂

The best travel destinations are those capturing your personal interest and for discovery allowing you to project a unique aura of happiness and contentment.

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  2. It’s always entertaining to have some object in mind when touring. It’s amazing how many different themes people can have. I have a relative who does quilting cruises all over the world. I’ve been to Texas a number of times – always find the people friendly and easy to talk to there. Enjoy your crawdads.

  3. Crawfish at the end of the day…yum!

  4. I went through your blog. It has got the perfect essence of traveling. Keep up with this positive energy! much love 🙂

    1. Thank, you Zarbakht Bilal, I have been at it for about three years and currently venturing out with short stories and poetry. It feels like a natural progression that I’m extreamly happy with. 🙂

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