“Appreciating natural surroundings.”

Nature is not mute

Usually, on the weekends mostly during the morning hours, a hiking trail fills with groups of people flaunting their newly purchased hiking and backpacking gear.

These groups move along in packs of ten or more resembling a social bubble with verbal noise drowning out the beauty of songbirds chirping from the trees above.

Many within the group will fail to absorb the essence and serenity of the trail’s natural state, using their eyesight, to capture a portion of their surroundings.

With the flowing tides of people in the parks, their senses are disabled to absorb natures nirvana.


With the overwhelming tide of crowds visiting the US National and State parks, hopefully, they will learn to follow the rule of, “if you cannot hear the leaves rustling within the trees, then you or your group are too loud.”

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