Some Hard Truths About Blogging

An unfortunate aspect to writing and blogging when I want to play outside.


When I began blogging, I will admit I had no idea what I was getting into. I just wanted to write.

I discovered a few things along the way:

  • Blogging is hard work.
  • It takes time, lots of time.
  • Blogging and writing my novel was a difficult balance.

P. S. Hoffman has written a great article on this very subject. 5 Ways an Author Blog Could Kill Your Writing (and What to Do Instead). Here are some highlights.

  1. Blogging is a huge investment in time and effort.
  2. It robs you of valuable writing time.
  3. If you want to write a novel, blogging teaches the wrong skills.
  4. Blogging is “information heavy and story light.”
  5. If you want to build your storytelling skills – write stories. Readers want to read your stories.
  6. Author blogs don’t sell books.
  7. To blog well, you must love blogging.

I enjoy sharing with my readers my stories…

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  1. This is completely true! It takes up a LOT of time, especially if you’re reaching out to as many people as possible to follow up. I’m finding that we spend an incredible amount of time blogging. You really do have to love it or it will fall apart over time.

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