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The town of Creighton New Hampshire was to celebrate the 1948 class reunion of the small towns only high school with 43 of the original 97 class members still alive.

On Friday morning the weekend of the festivities at the Jenkins diner, in Creighton New Hampshire an elderly man enters shuffling along in search of a place to sit. He stopped at a table occupied by three women.

He politely excuses himself asking “are you women locals from the town of Creighton?”

The women stopped talking among themselves to look up towards him when one of the ladies named Doris, says she was born and raised in Crieghton and the other two women, said they are lifelong residents from the surrounding towns.

He asks, are they graduates from Creighton High School?
The women look at one another confused by his question when one of the ladies named Anne asks, did he graduate from Crieghton?

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He says why yes, I graduated from Creighton high school, in 1948. Then he asked, the women are they graduates, from the 1948 class?

Anne tells him, “well you don’t look like you are old enough to have graduated in 1948?”

All of the women smiled and giggles at her statement.

Doris asked, do you have a sister?

The elderly gentleman quickly says why yes, I have a much younger sister who lives in town and she graduated from Creighton high school also.

Charlotte, the third lady seated who had been considering his earlier statement asking if the women were graduates of the class of 1948, asked him: “Do we look like we graduated from high school in 1948?”

He stood silently for a moment looking at all three women at the table when Doris, says. I’m your younger sister Ed, don’t you recognize me?

He says, why yes, Doris I do, but I do not want these two lovely ladies to know how old you are?

WIse men speake
With a smile on his face, he turns slowly walking away towards a table occupied by several elderly gentlemen.


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