“Because a writer is always right”- Exclusive article for all the writers and readers out there. Filling the Writer-Reader gaps. Some of you might have achieved your goals with flying colors while the others just stepped onto the first rock of the mountain. Keep climbing champs as the best is yet to come.

This blog posting is uplifting and enlighting for all aspiring writers. 🙂

Tell-Tale Heart


Writing is a talent that snoozes inside your chest until you unleash it someday either by chance or by choice. This peculiar talent then arouses a flair inside you. I had no idea that I can even write until one day my friend published her first paid article for a magazine. This ignited a spark within me and I wrote my first article on “Magic of Winters” and showed it to my English professor the other day. To my surprise, my teacher was amazed by my article and he lavishly praised my writing style and imagery. This gave me a life lesson that sometimes a little praise, a little admiral, and a positive feedback can escort a writer to the peaks of delight. I was not a writer at that time. But, that day when a little writer was born inside me, I felt the happiness we all writers get…

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  1. Thank you so much, sir, for reblogging my post. My eyes literally welled up when I saw my article in your empire. It is such an honor to have great mentors and great supporters like you who acknowledge the hard work of new writers. This world needs people like you.
    Stay Blessed 🙂

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