Traveling soothes the soul.”


Recently while I was touring and photographing the West Rim Drive of Crater Lake in Oregon, I met a New Zealander in his late twenties, and a 66-year-old couple all of whom were northbound hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I first noticed them descending a mountain using their trekking poles to guide and control their descent into the scenic pullout where I was parked.

As they approached, they all were smiling talking among themselves and greeted me with friendly smiles as we exchanged handshakes and began the usual travelers’ conversation of past travels and future travel plans.


As our conversation continued, I began to reminisce about the people I have encountered who travel full-time and how we all emit an aura of happiness, to the outside world which is a reflection of our souls.
We all acknowledge our fortunate blessings for our abilities to travel as the conversation centered on the magical beauty of what we all have seen and experienced in our travels.

We all spoke of the various forms of travel whether it is bicycling/backpacking, day hiking, or long distance backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail, (PCT), Continental Divide, (CDT) and the Appalachian Trail (AT). The 66-year-old couple spoke of and showed me photos of the bicycle they used thirty years ago peddling thirty-thousand miles around the US.

In all of my travels spanning almost forty years, everyone I have encountered, no matter their age, gender, social or cultural background, we all great one another with an incredibly upbeat positive attitude and personality.
Everyone should experience the traveling community because I honestly believe the natural setting of nature soothes the soul with its ever-changing natural beauty no matter what mode of travel you choose be it on foot, bicycle, or motorized travel.

I have crisscrossed the US, Canada, and Alaska on a touring Motorcycle, Sports Utility Vehicle and Tractor Trailer and yet during all of my travel adventures, everyone I have met and talked to have revealed to be incredible people/travelers with no one projecting any form of negativity.


As of late, I’m developing a strong desire to hike, backpack and bicycle backpack the same locations I have already traveled and toured.


I will continue my travels to visually enjoy and absorb the incredible scenery at a pace soothing my soul viewing natures cathedrals.


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