“Love, Peace, and Happiness.”


These three words are the essential foundation for every human living on this planet.

There are millions of different ways to achieve all three based on need desire and what you want.

Happiness is within your heart to explore and discover at any stage of your life.

Peace is an ongoing process within your mind to accept or change your perspective at any stage of your life.


Love begins with your soul in the reflection of a mirror or the calm waters of a lake. Love is in the eyes of your family, and friends those who are deceased and those living with you in life.

Love, peace, and happiness begin when your consciousness is awakened to a new day.


Every, minute and every hour throughout your daily life, all three should be sought after continuously.

At the end of each day, all three are within you, and you will inspire others.


So please pass on within you your Love, Peace, and Happiness.

Love Peace and Happiness are words within your mind, body, and soul, but you have to seek and explore each on a daily basis. MJL


  1. Lovely post! Incredible pictures as well 😍🌟🙏🏼 Love, peace, and happiness are feelings that we look for continuously, but often times we don’t open our eyes wide enough to see them when they are there. These feelings are a choice, a choice that we make based on mindfulness and gratitude. We decide to be at peace, happy, and loving when we decide that everything that we have in our life has immense value 🌟 Thank you so much for sharing your incredible work. I really appreciated reading this today 😄🙏🏼 Looking forward to seeing more of your posts 🌟💕🌸

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