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“Tombstone Arizona.”

Old Tombstone Western Town

After driving through falling snow during the day, I figured a quick side trip to Tombstone Arizona would be great since I could not imagine many tourists visiting in the near-freezing temperatures

I expected the town to be a tourist location and it was all that and more. The history of Tombstone is a remarkable time in American history of gunslingers, cowboys, and citizens, trying to live together with unprofessional law enforcement of a single sheriff and a few deputies.

The town with its residents numbering a little over 1000 is located in Southeastern Arizona known for its Wild West history exhibits at the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park including a replica gallows.

On Allen Street, the O.K. Corral has an outdoor theater where the historic re-enacts of 1881 cowboy gunfight.

Resident ghosts are reported to haunt the Bird Cage Theatre where outlaws where among the local townsfolk buried at the 1878 Boothill Cemetery.

Although, I not the tourist stop type, this place was close enough for a quick drive off interstate 1-10, and the drive through town was delightful. When I arrived the snow accenting the historic town was quite serene.

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