“My restless soul; (“Poetry”).

My thoughts of traveling stir my restless soul filled with anticipation and desire to go somewhere, crescendoing when I’m moving along the open road to anywhere.

Canadian Rockies north of Banff Canada.

Many decades ago and thousands of miles away in the backyard of my childhood home, my travel origins began with my imagination inspired with reading encyclopedias, National Geographic magazines, and watching wilderness shows igniting my imagination to fulfill my dreams of travels today.

My childhood curiosity to explore lands afar will never be quenched on a planet with natural beauty encompassing every ecological system imaginable along with the diversity of the people who occupy its lands and waters.

In the forest I close my eyes hearing insects buzzing and humming around me.

At the beach, the surfs repetative melodic tranquil sounds of water with an occasional shorebird chirping in the distance.

Every ecosystem shares natures sounds of silence calming my excited anxiousness as my breathing slows, allowing the serene moment, surrounding my thoughts to soothe my soul.



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