I’m planning to merge my love of downhill mountain biking, and bicycle touring so I visited the Santa Cruz bicycle headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA.

After I drooled over my possible bicycle purchase, I visited the Santa Cruz municipal wharf/pier.

Upon my arrival, I was surprised and impressed with the history of nearly 3000-foot wharf/pier and the abundance of wildlife photo opportunities.

The wooden pier is 2,745 feet in length, built-in 1914, currently is the longest Pacific Ocean wooden pier in CA.

It is referred to as a Wharf, although its actual definition is a “Pier.” A wharf is referred to as a platform that parallels the shore a Pier heads out from shore. The original City bond was written as “Wharf,” and has remained the term to use.

The wharf allows automobile traffic for a fee with assorted restaurants, bait shops, water sports rental equipment, and is a great location to learn to surf. Fishing from the wharf is free, with views of seal, birds and sea otters.

The boardwalk features carnival rides, with more shops and wide beach area. Next time you are in California and south of San Francisco stop to tour the area and bring your camera. 🙂

By Expedition Nomadic Adventurer

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  1. Wow!! Amazing animal photography 😃

  2. Beautiful photos!! Thank you for sharing them. 🙂

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