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"Humanities Blue Balloon."

we all live upon a planet with a downward force of gravity

Older than humanity, our blue balloon spins on its axis, circling a sunrise and sunset, surrounded by a moon.

Since time began, nature has survived natural catastrophic events while continuously reproducing, replenishing, to sustain the smallest of insects, plants, colorful wildflowers, trees, upon lands, and below the seas.

Nature is alive upon every beach, within a forest, in every desert, and below the seas, displaying flora and fauna, absorbing sunrises, sunsets, and the moon glow of a twinkling sky.

Nature has witnessed humanity roam upon its fertile lands, sail its seas, remove to extinction natural wildflowers, plants of every type, trees of every size, displacing animals, and mammals, all representing centuries of evolution.

Our blue-ballon, has rising seas, diminishing lands unable to sustain its natural beauty.

The landscape and seas are becoming extinct of primates, mammals, animals, insects, birds, that once occupied our blue balloon

A millennium has passed since humans began growing plants for consumption, near streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, now polluted with fertilizers, upon our watery blue-ballon. 

Natures surface has suffered explosive puncture wounds, detonations below ground, from the sky, and beneath the seas, inventions of humanity’s war against one another upon our blue balloon.

Our planets, natural resources of liquid, and stone are extracted, producing honeycombs within the interior of our blue balloon.

As a natural response, tectonic plates continually move against one another, balancing pressures, released through volcanos and earthquakes.

Humanities disrespect of an elder, blue-ballon, cannot continue without repercussions when human life rarely survives past 100 years of age. 

Humanity’s evolution of empathy and compassion to care for one another must include our planet. 

Because we all live upon a planet with a downward force of gravity, pressurizing our blue balloon with honeycomb caverns, spinning on its axis, circling a sunrise and sunset, surrounded by a moon.

Poetry inspired by natures beauty; M.J. Leake

Responses to “"Humanities Blue Balloon."”

  1. windowcolquhoun810

    The poetry touches on all aspects of nature. Applauding 👏🏻👏🏻.

    1. Expedition Overland Nomadic Adventurer

      I was truly emotionally inspired by the US National Parks I visited this past year, and I will continue touring the cathedrals of nature until my dying breath.

  2. Meerykhati

    Great Post!! Happy New Year. Thank you for following

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