"My wives, girlfriends, and concubine."

I have been negligent with my site, but today is Valentine’s Day, and my wives have recommended I explain why I have been away.

Well, my first wife, the lovely Mrs, “W,” is my compulsive companion who is first in my life. She suggested that I return to posting regulary about my adventures.

Uniquely for the first time in months, my second wife, the fabulous Mrs, “R,” agreed with Mrs, “W.”

I immediately began seriously considering what I would post since I have done so much since my last blog post.

My girlfriends, the gracious and dignified lady, “P,” & lady “B” also agreed since they were satisfied with the wives’ suggestion.

My concubine, the gracious baby “T,” was also in agreement.

So on the day of love, aka, Valentine’s Day, I want to acknowledge my love for my wife, Writing, and Reading, who I am compelled emotionally to attend to daily. They have my heart & soul, like no other since my teenage love.

As a retiree, I have many distractions in my life, with Photography and Backpacking, who keep me outside in the world I love.

My concubine, Travel routinely satisfies my curiosity with destinations that calms my wives and girldfriends.


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