There are several unique places I absorb and experience whenever I’m in Southwest Florida. The Sanibel Island Causeway is one of my excellent places complete with perfect sunrises and sunsets photos opportunities.

Sanibel Causeway beach

Sanibel Island has some of the best paved bike trails, with access from the causeway past the visitors center, towards the lighthouse and across the island and is a wonderful way to tour the island. The Sanibel Causeway itself is a three-mile causeway in Southwest spanning the San Carlos Bay, connecting Sanibel Island with the Florida mainland in Punta Rassa.

There is a toll for westbound traffic towards Sanibel Island, costing $6 for cars $3 per additional axel, and $2 for motorcycles and bicycles are free. There is no toll when leaving the island

Sanibel Light house.

If you are in the area visit the nearby lighthouse for a wonderful leisurely walk. For more information on the bridge and tolls fees, visit Lee County’s LeeWay website.

On a particular beautiful day in January, the sun and blue sky was magnificently, as I setttled down in my comfy chair to read and check some email from the shoreline.

Old man in the boat

While reading, my eyes noticed a man in a small boat coming ashore. My first sight ignited my imagination of Ernest Hemingway’s novel, “The old man and the sea.” The mans floppy hat shading he face as he motored past, was surreal.

I spoke with him as he came ashore to get water for his boat anchored nearby from hydrant from the shower station just off shore. We talked for a moment or so and I told him how he caught my and how I imagined him as the character in Ernest Hemingway’s novel.

He immediately realized he attire and boat was a match, and we both laughed. His dingy boat is powered by a solar panel to power the battery. He lives full time on thirty-five foot sailboat staying off the coast of western Florida in the gulf of Mexico all year long.

I spent the rest of the day lounging and basking in the beauty of my surroundings as a nomadic traveler. 🙂

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