A new nomadic era

In the beginning

It has been several months since I posted to my site, and as I write this blog post, my thoughts drift to the last four years of my travels. Like anyone embarking on a new adventure, I was excited with ideas of touring the National Parks in the Western United States.

Before this, my retirement had unfolded as expected as I settled into becoming the everyday beach bum, but I began to ask myself, “why don’t I travel?”

I had intended to purchase an 18-foot travel trailer, trading in the family Pop-up camper my kids and I enjoyed for years. But, it was four years ago this month, I began cleaning out the toys and items of vacations past to trade in when I plugged in the air conditioner, and low and behold it not only worked but its cold temperature surprised me.

1997 Coleman Cheyenne Camper

It was then I decided to use it instead of buying another RV. After all, it had only been in storage since 2004, almost eight years. With the replacement of one tire and thorough washing, I began my nomadic trek across the US.

All, washed and ready for the road, after some epoxy for the cracks

Modes of travel transformation

After eight months of travel, I realized I loved traveling full-time, which led to imaging circumnavigating the world in some vehicles. The conceptual idea came about after interactions with other full-time travelers who utilized every form of transportation from foot-power, bicycle, motorcycle, automobiles of every type, and pickup trucks, also known as an “Overland Vehicle.”

By the following year, I bought a Yakima roof top tent with annex as seen in image below to sit write many blog post and to read. This setup reminded me of a tree house affix to the roof of a car.

Yakima rooftop tent.

I was unable to backpack this past spring and by now with to have been able to post photos from the trail but instead I present in pictures below the newest addition to the Expedition overland family, my 2019 Little Guy Max twenty-one-foot in length, mobile writing, and reading studio.
There is a table to write, bathroom/shower, kitchen, queen bed, heat, air conditioning, and solar with sufficient storage.

In the past four years, I have transformed my travel set-up several times.
However, current world health conditions will keep me from exiting the US into Canada, and South American or even shipping across the ocean to Europe or Southeast Asia is a future dream/expectation.

I conducted my RV shakedown at the KOA in West Des Moines, Iowa and it was four years ago this month when I began my travels with two mountain bikes, a kayak, and cargo-box attached to White Blaze, and since then I have had various alterations to my form of travel that has brought me to what I have now.

In the future, I’m planning to provide backpacking blog posts with photos of hiking trails along with the various types of campgrounds, I visit. There are many specialty camping options, so stay tuned for more frequent blog posts.

This second chapter of my life, has been fortunate as I encounter men and women whose wisdom I have taken to heart. I’m enjoying a fantastic adventure transitioning from the pop-up camper, to a cabin tent, a rooftop tent, and now my return to the RV lifestyle while remaining a nomadic traveler.



  1. Jan, Maggie. Pat. JJ and I are at HH @ Bahama Breeze talking about your adventures and your new camper. All sending you good vibes and happy thoughts.

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  2. I wondered what had happened to you. Your vehicle as well as all of your travel domiciles look shipshape and pristine. Look forward to your further adventures..Are you going to show us inside your new home?

    Liked by 2 people

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