Acclimating to Maxy & a new lifestyle

RV full-hookup campgrounds are hard to pass up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since I took possession of “Maxy,” my teardrop trailer, oh yeah, I have named her “Maxy, and yes, she’s a “she,” just like White-blaze.

We are bonding and getting to know one another, along with our new travel lifestyle.
Before Maxy’s arrival, my nomadic overland travels was a love affair with the reliability and durability of White-blaze to move about without worry or concern.
I now travel checking my side mirrors every few seconds, and the former 18 miles per gallon is no longer. I now hope to stay above ten miles-per-gallon pulling 3500 extra pounds.

If not for the world pandemic, I would have spent the entire summer backpacking at five or seven thousand feet above sea level with little or no humidity with a few bugs being my only worry.

But I digress, as I sit inside the air-conditioned comforts of a temperature-controlled teardrop trailer. The trailers’ air conditioning is a luxury along with the availability of full-hookups offered at campgrounds, both spoiling me, like a warm blanket on a cold winters’ night.

During the past three weeks, I’ve discovered that each campground I have stayed at has unique nuances, from my first night in Maxy at the KOA campgrounds of West Des Moines, Iowa, were their unique touches of me ordering food from their snack bar and having it delivered to my campsite.

My next two campgrounds were The Army Corps of Engineers Bob Shetler Campgrounds at Saylorville Lake and a private campground called Cuttys’ camping resorts. I was granted access to the private campgrounds because of my membership with Coast to Coast and Good Sams. Click the links to discover more about each.

However, my fourth stay was at the KOA near Waterloo, Iowa where my appreciation for the brand had me considering KOA facilities the “Ritz Carlton” of Campgrounds.
Now, both KOA’s had exceptionally well-maintained and manicured grass areas, with wide spaces separating your RV neighbor by at least ten-yards, no matter if your site was a pull-through or a back-in campsite.

The first KOA offered cute rustic wooden-style cabins nestled in between mature trees with fire pits on a concert patio.

The second KOA had brightly painted modular cabins with fire pits at each site with a barb-b-que grill on a concrete patio.

For RV’er, KOA’s special touches add to a more enjoyable experience, like the water faucets standing four to five feet in height above ground, allowing for easier attachment of my water filter and water hose.

The electrical boxes were level standing five feet in height, not leaning or bent offering lighted bulbs to illuminate the marked amperages connection of 50, 30, 15, and 110.
The threaded sewer connections allowed my sewer hose to fit securely without fear of the hose coming out.

Although I tow Maxy around, she spoils me with air conditioning and easy access to a toilet & shower. But, my heart is desiring the boondocking solitudes of a wooded forest. However, the RV full-hookup campgrounds are hard to pass up. ๐Ÿ™‚

My plans and destination are to escape the heat and humidity of the midwest by traveling north of interstates ninety and ninety-four, towards the west out of reach of the afternoon thunderstorm prone to regions of the flat grassy plain states.

Until the next blog post, stay safe, enjoy the summer warmth wherever you are!

Responses to “Acclimating to Maxy & a new lifestyle”

  1. ourcrossings

    Your teardrop trailer is the cutest thing ever! We bought our campervan two years ago and it took us a while to “bond” , but now, we are inseparable. Thanks for sharing and wishing you many happy adventures ๐Ÿ˜Š Aiva

    1. Expedition Overland Nomadic Adventurer

      Hey, Ourcrossings, I was so close to purchasing a Ford Transit a couple of years ago, but back off to build an Overland vehicle using the Toyota Tacoma or Tundra as the base. I follow several European Campervan Youtubers. I will possibly post some video eventually in the coming months. Stay safe and enjoy what can be enjoyed until a vaccine is developed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. April Irvin

    Marty, as you age, you will come to enjoy and expect air-conditioned comfort when it is 100+ outside and dry when the torrential rains come. I like your Maxy. I can’t image a shower in her that would work for you, but the image is amusing to me. Safe travels to you

  3. Teri Soled

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  4. radezeeuw

    KOA’s also have heated bathrooms and showers. They also usually give a discount to vets.

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