Lakeshore RV resort

I love the sounds of silence

For the past four years, I have secured, motel, hotel, and Air BnB’s reservations usually within 24 hours of wherever I was planning to visit. Many of the locations were near a National Park or a trailhead, knowing I wanted a warm bed and shower at the end of that day of hiking or backpacking for several days.

But, during a world pandemic reserving a campsite on a 4th of July holiday weekend was frustrating. So, I was fortunate to receive a return call from Joyce, one of the owners at Lakeshore, RV Resort & Campgrounds. Her voice was warm and greeted me with a hearty welcome. We discussed what I was hoping to get which was a campsite and she had a vacant site. Upon my arrival, and meeting Craig her husband, I found them to be a happy loving couple living their dream of owning a campground.
As I signed in, Joyce was detailed and direct as she explained the rules for the campground.

Because of the COVID-19 World Pandemic, particular guidelines were posted, making me feel safe and secure, in a campground with about 70-80 sites. The campground is small and quaint. But with specific rules to keep everyone happy, I was genuinely appreciative of their strict enforcement of regulations. There were dozens of children, and they were well behaved, with no signs of anyone intoxicated or loud music. The campground has daylight only beach swimming designated by roped floating water buoys without lifeguards

There were no fireworks allowed within the campgrounds, but there was a 4th of July golf cart parade. Towards the end of the day, I watched as parents drove out of the campgrounds to an area nearby to ignite their fireworks.

I have grown to love and appreciate the peace and quiet of a hiking trail with only the surrounding sounds of nature. Although, my previous stays at Saylorville, KOA’s and Cuttys campgrounds were really nice. I love the sounds of silence more.

The nearby quaint town of Oelwein, located in northeast Iowa near the Wisconson border, one hundred miles south of Rochester MN, eighty miles from the cities of Lacross WI and Dubuque IA on the Mississippi River.

Early one morning, I drove around the city as she slowly woke on a holiday weekend with local grocery stores, combination gas & convenience stores along with an antique shop displaying two 1930s automobiles with mannequins in the driver’s seats with masks on.

The Oelwein City park shares a border with Lakeshore RV Resort and they both border Lake Oelwein for fishing. After 4-days, I have marked the campground and city as a favorite locating in my Google Maps, and I will forever consider the location a destination to stop for a peaceful stay.


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  1. Roadtirement

    A very complete and informative review of the RV Campground. We’ll consider this on our next travel to Seattle.

  2. Kapi Ketu bhagat

    Nice ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Andrea Stokelin

    Nice place, silence can be good ๐Ÿ˜

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