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Earlier, before arriving I stopped at the Walmart wearing my mask when a passer-by asked me about my teardrop trailer, and before leaving, he suggested I check out Forestedge Winery.
Little did he know, I was planning to call for a reservation after packing my groceries away. Thirty minutes later, I pulled into the Forestedge Winery driveway.

Harvest Host is the marketing of cross-pollinating Wineries around the US and Canada with the world of RVing.
My one night Harvest Host reservation at Forestedge Winery in Laporte MN began around 2:00 pm. Several groups of people were seated at tables social distancing with many wearing their masks. The owners, Steve and Kristin Twait, and their daughter wore their masks and socially distanced from their customers. The patio is open for tastings and glasses of wine with curbside service.

My alcohol beverage of choice is a flavorful dark ale, which will be quenched within the week, but today it was wine on the patio.
My wine knowledge is based on Red wine for beef and white wine for fish, I think.
But Kristin Twait explained the taste testing options along with suggestions based on my wine knowledge answers.

When Kristin placed the wine varieties before me. I tasted them all and found they were flavorful, dry, and sweet. I spoke with other customers at socially distant tables, when I decided to purchase the bottle of Plum Wine with its full body taste, rose color, and fragrant plum aroma. After tasting all of the different wines, I was feeling a little tipsy on an empty stomach of only the pretzels I had ordered.

They produce 21 premium Minnesota wines from fruits grown in the Northern Minnesota. Rhubarb is grown on-site along with additional fruits and berries purchased from local growers when available.

The Twait’s produce five to six thousand gallons of wines per year, crafted in small batches. After fermentation, the wines are aged in large Italian stainless steel tanks for a year or more before bottling. Click the Forestedge Winery link to purchase your bottle of great tasting wine.

The time I spent at this winery was a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon in Northern Minnesota because it it not just grapes that make fine wine.

35295 State 64, Laporte, MN 56461

Phone: (218) 224-3535


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