Boon-docking in New Mexico

Almost a year ago, I began my Covid-19 social distancing using Airbnb’s south of Tucson AZ. One aspect I was surprised to find a number of retirement communities and although most of the community was empty because of the world pandemic and retired Canadian’s were stuck behind their closed boarder.

So this year, I experienced a similar situation in the Southwest, with campgrounds not filled to capacity. The visual was weird, but I enjoyed my social distancing opportunities with my nearest campground neighbor being 25-50 yards away.

Full hookup campground site

I enjoy the full hookups provided with a campground but I’m in love with the solitude of boon-docking. So, what is “boon-docking”? In my opinion boon-docking is camping for several days or weeks utilizing your recreational vehicles fresh water, and electrical batteries.

The photos of my RV in the middle of the desert or wooded areas allows me to enjoying the sounds of silence, broken by distant sounds of society, which is usually the humming of tires along a roadway.

But, the early spring temperatures warming into the 80s with lows in the 50s, is stirring my restless soul for a National Park or Monument visit.

I spent the entire winter in the Southwest and I have enjoyed every moment. I also have found several exciting quiet campgrounds as well as taking advantage of the Bureau of Land Management, “aka-BLM,” properties has me exploring a second battery, a generator, or maybe a recreational vehicle with larger tanks for fresh water to extend my boon-docking time.

All and all, I’m excited with the opportunity to nomadically wander about the Southwest.

By Expedition Nomadic Adventurer

As a retiree travel blogger touring the US, voicing my wisdom, opinion, and thoughts about the retirement lifestyle and life in general. I'm an aspiring pre-published indie author of baby boomer romance and adventures with a whimsical comedic side. I photograph wildlife and landscapes, mountain, biking, kayaking, hiking, and backpacking. I travel the back roads and highways of America, Canada, and Mexico, documenting my adventures via print and photography.

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  1. Good to get an update on your travels. Somehow, I don’t think you’ll be landing in one place for any length of time, any time soon.🙂🤔

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