Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon

I originally discovered the Red Rock National Conservation Area from other nomadic travelers who recommended I visit. I have a retired Uncle living in Las Vegas, and I figured I could check in on him and tour Red Rocks.

It was April, of 2017, when I stopped in Las Vegas to visit my uncle. I told him about the Red Rock Conservation Area and he seemed enthused and offered to take me. I was really excited as he drove. I saw the signs advertising Red Rock National Conservation Area ahead.

As he drove, I talked about my travel adventures when suddenly my uncle’s pickup turned into the left turn lane taking us into the parking lot of the Red Rock Casino.

Red Rock Casino Resort

I explained to him I thought he was driving me to the conservation area. He laughed and said.

My pickup knows 4-different places in Las Vegas. The Red Rock Casino, The Play Boy Casino, a third casino I cannot remember the name, and the grocery store. I laughed aloud as he offered to buy me dinner at the seafood Buffett. So, I was easily satisfied.

The next day I ventured into the park and was mesmerized by the colorful red rock formations. I hiked and bicycled, enjoying the entire area. I meet several rock-climbers who inspired possibly another hobby in my future. The rock climbing in the area is a great destination for first time climber as I saw several classes being instructed. This entire area is great for bicycle riding and better short day hiking destination. The ability to walk so close to touch and see the rock formations and colors are amazing.

My next visit was March 2021, and due to the world pandemic, customers access entry with an online purchase of a timed entry reservation. My focused during this visit was photography to capture the details and definitions of the Red Rocks formations along with hiking some of the dozens or more incredible trails.

So, how did I did I do?

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4 thoughts on “Red Rock National Conservation area”
  1. Nicer than nice.

  2. Awesome. It looks quiet. some of what was good about the pandemic. You make me want to go. We are not very far away, and yet never been. Thank for the info and the funny story about your uncle. Gotta appreciate honesty, right? Donna

  3. Nice! We didn’t have time to visit this when we were in Las Vegas a few years. Next time…

  4. Wow, looks like a really cool area!

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