For many destinations, I research, places to securely park Maxy, and usually upon arrival, I scout the area, for my usual needs of “F & F,” food and fuel. On my way to scout out the area near the Grand Canyon. I passed through the intersection of Grand Canyon Junction, 24-miles south of the Grand Canyon entrance.

A familiar sight from my childhood caught my attention which is the “Fred Flintstone” sign standing two stories tall. I knew immediately upon leaving the National Park, I would stop and inspect the place in much detail.

Flintstone Themed RV Campground

Eight hours later, I stopped at the Flintstone and Raptor Ranch Campgrounds.

I met and spoke with the owner Troy and his wife Debbie Morris and I was impressed with the campgrounds with several pull through sites, with water, electric, sewer and various other amenities including a laundry room, and convenience store inside the registration area with wifi near the laundry room.

I reserved several nights in the Campground for my return visit to the Canyon. The campground is a great stop for children with Bedrock style homes and businesses from the Flintstone Cartoon and birds of prey displays. Troy provides demonstrations of the birds abilities that are truly impressive.

In the Youtube video below Troy provides great details about the origins of his dream of the campgrounds and his birds of prey.

Youtube Raptor Ranch Campground Troy Morris interview.

There are iconic National Parks across the U. S. everyones eyes should gaze upon during their lifetime. However, there are unique places like the Raptor Ranch Campgrounds, all adults and children will enjoy.

So if you are in the area, stay for a visit.

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  2. That looks like some good old fashion fun thanks for the tour

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