Well, when I travel, pulling my Little Guy Max RV from one location to another and the distance between the two points is too much for me to drive in one day, I stop for the night to “Boondock.”

Sanibel Causeway Lee Co FL.

My overnight destinations vary between the parking lots Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Interstate highway rest-stops, and my least favorite destinations, noisy truck stops.

The temperatures must be 70-degrees, and below because I use the exhaust fan drawing in cool air through open windows making for great sleeping. My recent upgrade of the Rv’s battery provides electrical use for several days. 

Torrance Co Park Edgewood New Mexico

In the past 12-month since owning my RV, I have Boondocked in locations where my closest neighbor was 30-50 yards away, with the sounds of silence reign supreme.

But, my current $50.00 subscription to Boondockers Welcome, providing me access to over 3000 host locations in the U. S. and Canada. I spent my first overnight at a private home on the Maryland Eastern Shore. They are RV-friendly people who provided electricity and water connections.

Some, and not all hosts, will ask for a small fee of $10.00 or less for an overnight stay when using water and or electricity. The length of visits varies for each host location. The host earns credits towards free subscriptions to Boondockers Welcome.

Emily’s Produce Harvest Host Cambridge MD

On this road trip, my first night, I stayed in the Easton, MD Walmart parking lot, and the second night, I use my Harvest Host membership to stay at two host destinations. I took no photos of the Boondockers Welcome residence. But, their hospitality will always be etched in my memory as they were so hospitable as RV’ers and Boondockers Welcome Hosts.

Emily’s Produce Harvest Host Cambridge MD

As of June 10, 2021, Harvest Host, an RV membership program allowing RV’ers access to unique RV Boondocking destinations, announced its acquisition of Boondockers Welcome. 

Together, the two will change my travel Boondocking plans with thousands of destination scattered across the U. S. Canada and Mexico. I’m looking forward to many more travel miles.

It’s hard to believe how I did not want to pull any trailer in the months leading up to searching for an RV. Now, I cannot imagine going anywhere without my own bed, toilet, and kitchen. While talking with a fellow RV’er, I realized I had not used a rest stop or truck stop restroom in over a year. 

When visiting family and friends, there’s always a surprised look on their faces when I refuse their hospitality offer to stay in their extra bedroom or use their kitchen. I simply explain, I’m staying inside my mobile home.

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  1. It is so aesthetically pleasing in addition to being utilitarian. Have you shown the inside?

    1. Judy, I believe I will have to show the interior within the month.

      1. Good. Looking forward to it and further adventures.

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