Back on the road

Twenty-four to thirty-six hours later, I was anxiously anticipating my travels

Gateway to the west Arch, St. Louis MO

After the July 4th holiday, I began my westward journey from my home campgrounds in Virginia to my birth city of St. Louis, MO, aka the STL or the Lou, to visit my family and friends.

First year on the road with the family Pop-up camper.

Its been 5-1/2 years since my last visit, and during a world pandemic, it was time to allow their eyes to view me in person instead of photos, videos, or reading about my travels.

When I was in Virginia, I always became excited, knowing I would travel towards the Appalachian mountains, along two-lane rolling hills and country roads. As soon as I arrived, I was a little saddened, wanting the journey to continue.

So, when I began my 900-mile westward journey to the STL, I was anxious to be back on the road. However, most of my trip took me along interstate 70.

I stopped once spending the night in a Cracker Barrel Parking lot. By the end of the second day, I was home, surrounded by family and friends hugging and laughing.

But, honestly, twenty-four to thirty-six hours later, I was anxiously anticipating my travels along the back roads continuing westward towards Iowa and Minnesota.

More on that in the next blog post.

Responses to “Back on the road”

  1. April

    Your narrative is rather short this time Marty. What gives?

  2. Emell McKelvey

    Nice Marty! Hope you enjoyed time in da Lou with the fam. We still need to connect when you return to Virginia.

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