Anyone traveling in either direction along interstate 94, in western North Dakota, will see the signs advertising Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Stopping is not an option to see the wild bison.

For the past 3-years, I have visited the park and enjoy a sense of comfort when I visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park every year. The permanent park rangers, visiter center volunteers, and camp hosts recognize me and my rig, along with meeting the new seasonal rangers an new campground hosts are always a enjoyment I love.

This year as always, I stopped in Medora ND to visit with Chris & Gary Kman the owner of the Chasing Horses Store. This year was a treat as I met their newest employee and recent North Dakota transplant from Illinois, her mother who works as a cashier.

Their store is adorned with the beautiful images of wild horses on clothing items, paintings, calendars, puzzles, water bottles, pottery, key chains, and many other items.

Chris and Gary photographed the wildlife themselves and their, website, instagram and Facebook sites identify the horses by name and trace the stallions to the mares and the colts they produce roaming freely within the National Park.

I spent two days attempting to locate the wild horses and I was successful only to find one horse for which I will be buying a new camera lens to capture wildlife at greater distances.

As always the bison were scattered between the campgrounds and areas along the scenic drive. On Saturday evening before a park ranger program, the event was delayed as the bison sauntered within 20-yards of the outdoor theater in the dark of the night. During the day time they are an incredible sight, but at night hearing the snorting sounds of Bull seeking their mates, made the evening a little concerning.

Prairie Dog

The bison were plentiful as the photos reveals but so were the prairie dogs. I hope to return next year with a better camera lenses to capture the wildlife in the distance.

But as always, the beauty of the park excites my soul.

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